Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is one of the critical services provided by Cylsys Software to Businesses of all sizes to help them leverage the huge benefits of Cloud Migration like Storage capacity, Security, Scalability, Flexibility, Increased Computing capabilities and much more.

Our Cloud Migration Services

We help create successful Businesses by partnering you at every step of the process with the right expertise, migration tools, Cloud management and Business process Transformation.


Infrastructure Management

The Industry experts at Cylsys Software will help create an agile infrastructure by building the right cloud environment that delivers your technology needs and helps your Business to Perform well.


Data Migration

Data is the critical component of any Business. Cylsys Software will formulate and safeguard the entire process of moving data , applications, Entire storage or other Business elements from a brick and mortar data center to a cloud or from one cloud to another.


Platform Migration

We will help you migrate all your current Apps and tools from one platform to another with total data security in place


Application Migration

We will assist you in the migration of all your current applications onto the cloud with precision, speed and all the safeguards in place.

Want to start your Business Transformation?

In today's Technologically changed and fiercely competitive Business environment. Cloud Migration is one of the best strategic Business that you can make


The entire thought process why cloud migration is imperative in your Business is very important. Business goals and the various steps required to achieve those goals.


Defining the entire Migration strategy and the entire process to be followed


The critical stage of Migration. Understand how Cylsys hand holds you on each step of the execution which will enable the Business to attain Maximum ROI and achieving the Business gaols by migrating to the Cloud.

The Cylsys Edge - Your Partner for Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration has its Challenges – Which is the ideal Cloud platform for your business. Accessing the current applications, Budgeting the entire cost and ensuring that the migration cycle is in accordance with the existing technological ecosystems


Speed and Safety

We ensure that the entire process of migration has the element of Speed and at the same time has all the safeguards to ensure that it is a Secure process.


Reduced Time & Cost

The underlying objective of this entire process is to cut down the time of the current process and being cost-effective. Cylsys ensures both


Automated Process

Automated processes can be set up including Backup and Logging services. Reasons for Critical failures can be analysed and processes can be up and running in no time.



Cylsys can train your in house team to manage your cloud. We hand hold the team during the entire process and make sure that the team is comfortable with each step of the new process.


Industry Expertise

Having the expertise of handling all types of Cloud Architectural deployment, our in-house experts are at your service to address any concern or offer their valuable input on any piece of the process.

Industry Verticals Served

Finance & Insurance
Health care
Professional Services
Consumer Durable
Media & Advertising
Consumer Electronics


With smart features and an unending array of business benefits, the Cloud computing trend has picked off in the recent years. Gone is the days when ‘migration to the cloud’ was still a concept for debate.

Smart user-friendly applications, time-saving features, ease of access, enhanced security and qualitative outputs propel the success of cloud computing and encourage non-cloud users to take the business-defining jump.

Moreover, the reduction in implementation and licensing costs are opening avenues for business owners to invest in the Cloud.

Cloud Migration is a process whereby an organization’s digital assets, resources and services or applications are deployed in the cloud, where the migrated assets cannot be accessed beyond the cloud’s firewall. Additionally, cloud migration is also considered as the shift from one cloud provider to another, also known as ‘cloud-to-cloud migration’.

Cloud Migration Process

The following is a ten-step cloud migration process that Verity uses:

  • Internal Network Assessment
  • Business Operations Assessment
  • Cloud Framework Creation
  • Application Installation
  • Data Compatible Cloud Testing
  • Cloud Adaptability Training Sessions
  • Cloud Environment Functionality Test
  • Cloud-based Exchange Platform Setup
  • Cloud-based Data Migration & Storage
  • Live Cloud Computing

While the cloud is an extremely innovative business platform, it is always best to be educated on its advantages and features to judge how you can make use of the cloud’s features and advantages. This involves considering the aforementioned benefits and constructing a carefully-designed cloud migration strategy.

With more than a decade long-track of being one of the leading cloud migration service providers, Verities skills & expertise have helped deliver friendly and time-saving cloud migration solutions to a varied range of customers.

Our systematic cloud migration process comes after a proper assessment of your cloud migration requirement, which includes an understanding of your organizational setup, the pattern of exchange of information, the application of the existing infrastructure and the reasons for cloud migration.


Oracle, SQL, Sybase, MySQL, MongoDB, Stark-B, Exchange

Operating System

Linux, Window (only x86)


Hyper V, VMware, RHEV, OVM, Openstack


AWS, Azure, Netmagic